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"Bluebitch  St. John  Villa!"
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We welcome your phone call  
340 - 262-0366   or   340 - 626 - 3222

(4X4 SUV included)

Wherever you are at "Bluebitch St. John Beachfront Villa" you can see the water. It's  a picture window and the view is constantly changing.  A variety of colors, water sport activities and commercial vessels parade the  channels and waterways just 50 yards in front of your balcony.  Most often you are alone, no one is within your view and you feel as if you're the only one on  St. John.  The elements of nature surrounds you . . .  birds, iguanas, lizards, fish, our resident turtles, most recently deer.   In season, we are happy to share bananas, plantain, coconuts, mangos, limes, soursop, sugar apples, papaya, pineapple, sweet potatoes and more.

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